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Welcome to SeniorAssisting.com. Our website is here to help seniors around the nation find the best In Home Senior Care nearby, Assisted Living communities, Independent Living communities, Nursing Homes and overall senior care that’s custom build to their needs.

Getting The Best Elderly In Home Care

We’ve partnered up with some of the best In Home care agencies around the nation, We’ve made comparing caregivers as easy as possible.

Understanding What Assisted Living Is All About

By definition an assisted living residence or Senior Assisting Living is a housing facility for people with disabilities or for seniors who cannot or choose not to live on their own.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost: Is assisted living affordable for everyone?

The national average rate for a 1 bedroom apartment in an assisted living community is around $3000 a month.

Is Independent Living Right For You?

If you are an independent person that doesn’t need the extra care then we’ve got the place for you.

55 And Over Independent Living Community

Healthy seniors who are able to live on their own an independent community is a perfect choice.

Senior Home Care

Location, Location Location: We All Want To Stay Close To Our Loved Ones

If you are close to your family, having them nearby is only a bonus.

Expert Advice By Phone or Email: Call Us 24/7 For Free Advice

We’ve put together an outstanding customer support line to assist and advice anyone who is not sure about Senior Home Care.

Senior Living Communities Low Income: Let’s Find a Place with Your Budget

That’s why we are here, Not everyone can afford a high end retirement community call us today to find you a place that fits your budget.

Find The Best Nursing Home Nearby

Talk to a nursing home expert to hear all about the best nursing homes nearby.

Nursing Homes Near Me

Finding The Best Nursing Home Nearby Just Got a Lot Easier: What is a Nursing Home?

A nursing home is a place for a person who can’t be cared at home but doesn’t need a hospital.

Who Qualifies For a Nursing Home?

Nursing home are not for seniors only, They are for people who need 24/7 care.