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We make comparing Assisted Living facilities as easy as possible, We know how hard it can be not just for a senior but for anyone to relocate to a new home. Online or by Phone we’ll get you matched with the best senior living solution.

Assisted Living Facilities

 Assisted Living Costs: Basic Rates That Covers All Services

Depending on the following factors assisted living costs may very due to type of residence, Size, Services & location.

The Cost For Assisted Living Per Month

These days most assisted homes and nursing homes set up a basic rate that covers everything from A-Z.

How To Select The Right Community

The best way to find the best community that’s good for anyone is simply to visit one. Compare as many locations as you can until you walk into a place that feels like home.

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How To Pick The Best Staff

Talk to the current the residence ask as may questions as you need, Ask about social activities.

Questions To Ask Each Facility

Ask about the daily schedule, if there is a meal menu and can the resident choose when to eat.

The Average Senior Living Room Cost

The national average living cost of a one bedroom assisted living apartment in the U.S is around $3500.00

Affordable Senior Living VS. Luxury Senior Community

Prices range from a few hundred dollars a month for the most affordable Assisted Living community to thousands a month if you are searching for the top end luxury senior community.

Popular Services Offered in Most Senior Living Communities

  • Daily Meals
  • Standard Housekeeping
  • Laundry Cleaning Services
  • Social Activities
  • Transportation
  • Access to medical services & nurses
  • Around the clock supervision & security

First of all there are thousands of senior living communities in the United States and no two are a like, each is different due to the sizes of the apartments, different services offered there for we suggest to visit as many locations as you can prior to making your final decision due to the high competition you might be able to get a better price.

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